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Formaldehyde difference in decoration materials?

Release time: 2019-12-19
1. Glass glue

Widely used glass glue, glass glue is also a very important decoration accessories, glass doors and windows, bathroom cabinets, all kinds of table decoration are basically used, but this glass glue contains a lot of formaldehyde gas.

2. Wooden floor

Wood flooring contains formaldehyde. Many businesses advocate "green, pollution-free, zero formaldehyde". In fact, it misleads consumers. Even natural trees contain formaldehyde, so wood flooring processed with wood will release formaldehyde.

3. Furniture and cabinets

Cabinets and furniture, especially wood materials, will be painted in order to achieve aesthetics. The paint contains a lot of formaldehyde, so the formaldehyde content of furniture and cabinets will also be very high. Therefore, we need to keep the same indoor content after moving into new furniture, so that formaldehyde can be quickly removed from the room, and we can also use formaldehyde absorbing materials, flowers and plants to put indoors, so as to accelerate the absorption and discharge of formaldehyde

4. Floor adhesive

Formaldehyde pollution is not only from building materials, but also from adhesives. In the process of laying the floor, the use of bonding materials is inevitable, but the types of bonding materials are diverse, and the quality is uneven. Environmental protection glue is pollution-free, but due to the high price, generally speaking, the manufacturers who do not reach a certain scale will not use it.

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