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Formaldehyde production technology

Release time: 2019-09-20

Formaldehyde production technology also has certain requirements for its liquid holdup. In fact, liquid holdup refers to the surface of filler in normal operation, in order to ensure normal operation. The amount of liquid held on the internals or trays varies according to the change of operating load. For the packing tower of formaldehyde equipment, the liquid holding capacity shall be controlled within 6%.

So it is necessary to configure fire fighting equipment to transport formaldehyde equipment. And some leak emergency disposal equipment should be transported sooner or later if it is in summer, which is better. In addition, the tank truck used in transportation should be grounded. Hole baffles can be provided in the groove to avoid static electricity.

Formaldehyde production. Catalytic reactive distillation method can be used to carry out and produce. This method is a special distillation technology which integrates reaction and separation. On the necessary equipment, there are two main types: reactive distillation column and extraction column. Others are decided on the basis of specific circumstances.

It can be used as a solvent, so the answer to this question is correct. If formaldehyde is used as a solvent, it has the advantages of good solubility and fast volatility.


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