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Advantages and disadvantages

Release time: 2019-09-20
Advantages of FeMo Formaldehyde Process
(1) The conversion of methanol is high (98-99%) and the consumption of methanol is low, generally 0.43-0.44 tons of methanol/formaldehyde.
(2) The reaction heat is carried out by steam in the silver process, while the reaction heat is removed by heat conducting agent in the iron process. The temperature of catalyst bed is uniform. The by-product medium pressure steam (2-3MPa) has a large output (1 ton/ton product).
(3) The concentration of formaldehyde in the product can be increased to over 50 except 37%. It is especially advantageous for the direct production of plastics and chemical products in situ (such as uroformaldehyde resin, urotropine, pentaerythritol, etc.).

(4) Iron-molybdenum catalyst has better toxicity resistance than silver catalyst.

Defects of iron process.
(1) The process is complex, the operation level is demanding, and the equipment is numerous and huge. The cost of project investment is 40% higher than that of silver method.
(2) The content of formaldehyde in the product is high, which is not suitable for some downstream formaldehyde products. It is necessary to add an ion exchange deacidification device. Emissions pollute the environment and need to be treated.
(3) The power consumption is 1/3 higher than that of silver process.
(4) The calorific value of the tail gas is low, it is not suitable for combustion and utilization, and directly discharges and pollutes the atmosphere. Special treatment devices are needed, which increases the investment of the project and the cost of production and maintenance.


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