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Topdressing fertilizer in hot and dry weather

Release time: 2019-08-14
Temperature is a very important condition affecting the effect of fertilizer application. On the one hand, it can affect the transformation of fertilizer in soil and the accumulation of effective nutrients; on the other hand, it also affects the internal physiological function of crops. In high temperature and drought season, fertilization not only can not promote the increase of crop yield, but also may reduce the yield.
 Use the best fertilization method: deep application, dilution and watering. In greenhouse planting, it is better to use integrated spraying of water and fertilizer or drip irrigation for key crop requirements. Whatever method is adopted, the plant should be kept at a distance of more than 10 centimeters to avoid direct contact with the chemical fertilizer plant straw burning seedlings. Especially pepper, flue-cured tobacco, melon and vegetable crops.
 Topdressing is not advocated in high temperature and drought weather above 35 C at noon. The best time of fertilization is in the evening, which is suitable for human operation and can make up for the shortcomings of short absorption time of crops, and is the best time of fertilization.


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