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About us

  Wuxi Xiyuan Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd (head after referred as Xiyuan) is located in Binhu district of Wuxi, by the side of beautiful Taihu Lake. The company is established in March 2013 with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan. Xiyuan currently has 46 staff, including senior engineers and professional and technical personnel, three fixed equipment manufacturing bases, which all have the manufacturing licenses for third-category pressure vessels.

  Xiyuan focuses on researching and developing the process and the package plants of formaldehyde related products as well as integrating and improving the process and the plants. Also Xiyuan actively use their own advantages to develop formaldehyde downstream products.

  The following technologies are invented by our company:

  Formaldehyde Production by Silver Catalytic Process

  A new process using three kinds of material circulation in formaldehyde production is put forward for the first time by our company. By using this new process, the concentration of formaldehyde can be increased and the consumption per ton product of raw material and power can be reduced.

  For the first time, evaporative cooler is used in formaldehyde production system to save water and power.

  For the first time, combustion system of off-gas processor is improved to increase thermal efficiency and reduce the discharge of off gas.

  For the first time, tower evaporator is used in evaporation system to reduce the pressure drop of the whole system, so the production period can be lengthened and crude methanol also can be used in this system. In order to save energy, batching steam will be altered to recycling water and steam used for heating will be altered to waste heat from absorption system to evaporate methanol.

  Formaldehyde Production by Iron-Molybdenum Catalytic Process

  Xiyuan has successfully developed a world advanced Fe-Mo catalytic process in formaldehyde production. The capacity of one unit will be 250 kt/a, this means large-scale formaldehyde production unit using Fe-Mo catalytic process can be localization. On August 28, 2014, one set of 100 kt/a Fe-Mo catalytic process unit was successfully started up. Xiyuan executed this EPC project whose technique is also developed by Xiyuan. The success of this project indicates that the technology of formaldehyde production by Fe-Mo catalytic process doesn¨t need to rely on importing. And now one set of 125 kt/a unit and one set of 250 kt/a unit are under construction.

  The catalyst to treat off gas is successfully developed, so the emission of off gas can meet the standard.

  Hexamine Production Process

  We expand the capacity of Hexamine plant (gaseous) to 8 kt/a per set for Wuzhi Huayu oil chemical Co., Ltd and 10 kt/a per set for Shandong Tuobo Hanyuan Chemicals Co., Ltd. We expand the capacity to 15 kt/a per set for Wuzhi 2nd Hexamine plant. Our Hexamine technology is wildly used by Iran Cameroon, Boai Runhua, Yangmei Fengxi Pinglu Company, etc. Especially for Yangmei Fengxi Pinglu Company, after using the optimized production process, the capacity has been significantly increased to 20 kt/a per set which is the biggest capacity now and bring a great benefits for the company.

  Para-formaldehyde Production Process

  We develop the first localization Para-formaldehyde production by spray/fluid bed drying process and successfully transfer this technology. The followings are our sample unit:

  One 10 kt/a PFA plant started up successfully;

  One 20 kt/a PFA plant got an acceptance after a production checking and all index/quota were better than the data in contract;

  One 30 kt/a PFA plant is on the process of installation now in Shandong province, China. Xiyuan executed this EPC project;

  One 60 kt/a PFA plant process package is completed now.

  Our technology of three kinds of material circulation in formaldehyde production by Ag catalytic process and catalytic reaction pressurized distillation for high concentration DMM process is the first choice for formaldehyde industries in China.

  Xiyuan has cooperated with China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong) and Dongying Runcheng Carbon Materials Technology Co., Ltd to develop green and clean new energy MTCD plant which has been successfully put into operation. High concentration Fe-Mo catalytic process formaldehyde, low polymerization para-formaldehyde, DMM, Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (PODE) co-generation technology (called "MTCD" technology) achieves energy and waste water recovery. So the consumption has a significant reduction and the products can be dynamically adjusted in time to meet the needs of the market and avoid the risk of a single product. It can create better benefits for the users.

  Under the hardworking of all our colleagues, Xiyuan has entered a rapidly developing stage of after market test. And now Xiyuan has become the leader of formaldehyde production by Fe-Mo catalytic process and Para-formaldehyde production by spray/fluid bed drying process in China. This experienced team of Xiyuan consists of senior/junior engineers from research & developing, design, manufacture and production field in formaldehyde and coal chemical industry. The team not only has the abundant theoretical knowledge and practical engineering experience but also is permeated with thriving vitality and enthusiasm. Our service tenet is "quality first", "the user first", "service first", we will serve to all the clients with advanced technology, sophisticated manufacturing and high-quality products.

  Xiyuan does not only provide process package (authorized using) and special equipments but also package plant. All of our products are well-designed and precision machined by our professional team. Modern management concepts and completed quality assurance system are great important guarantees for our clients.

  Now Xiyuan has cooperated with Shanghai Bike New Energy Co., Ltd and China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering cooperation at MTCD project. Xiyuan does not only focus on domestic market but also establish cooperation with India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran and Vietnam through technology transformation and authorized.

  Xiyuan can provide process technology, equipments manufacturing, installation and technical training service for the following products:

  Fe-Mo catalytic process (our own technology), the capacity of each plant is 60-250 kt/a

  Ag catalytic process (low energy consumption), the capacity of each plant is 50-120 kt/a

  Dimethoxymethane (DMM) package plant, product specification 85%-99.5%, the capacity of each plant is 10-200kt/a

  Hexamine plant (gaseous and liquid), the capacity of each plant is 5-20kt/a

  Acetaldehyde package plant, the capacity of each plant is 10-50kt/a

  Para-formaldehyde package plant, the capacity of each plant is 10-60kt/a

  Electrolysis of Ag catalyst unit, processing and supplying Ag catalyst

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